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Team Ideation Training Program

Make ideas flow though your team: catalyse creativity... and motivation!

1 000$ CAD per participant - Limited time offer!

Team ideation training: Welcome

Who Is It For?

This training program is designed for any organization that wants to invest in their teams to drastically improve their communication, decision-making and leadership skills, as well as have an impact not just on the organization but in each and everyone's life.

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More Details

About 30 hours of innovative and original training derived from the best communication and decision making frameworks.

Have you ever felt like whatever you do, your employees seem to find a reason to be unhappy or always have something to say about your decisions? Do you struggle at making them happy, creative, productive, motivated and efficient without seeming to quite achieving it? Do you even feel discouraged that it is never gonna stop? Don't you think that your time would be much better used if you did not have to deal with conflicts between your team members, between teams or between your team and the clients?  

The truth is: we once were those eternally dissatisfied employees that make your life harder. We've talked to our colleagues. We saw how bad we and they felt and the impacts this had on effectiveness, revenues but also the entire atmosphere of the organizations.

It is when we learnt about alternative decision makings frameworks that we realized why the standard method would never work. It became clear that organizations would have to completely transform how they make decisions if they want to counter the labour shortage and human management overcharge, as well as stay in front of their competition.

So, we went on a search for a better way. We took trainings on the most popular communication, decision making and facilitation frameworks, like Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Landmark's Communication Program. We inspired ourselves from the Code Morin, Design Sprint methodology, Agile processes, and even went as deep as staying months with the Iroquois of Québec to learn everything we could about the consensus process they use that lead to the 2300+ year Great Peace. 

Our world changed. We started to see teamwork and professional relationships in a very different and new way where creativity is at its peak and everyone can feel empowered in any collective decision making. 

To avoid the complexity of most framework, we developed our own simple and accessible method and training program, while making sure that organizations and participants would be transformed forever.

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How It Works

Apply key principles, master the ideation process!

The training program intertwines principle-learning sessions and team-ideation practices, so that the discoveries and notion learnt are applied rapidly.

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Basic Principles "Alignement"

6 eye-opening principles
Duration: 3h to 4h


Decision Method "Practice" #1

Team ideation process
Duration: 3h to 4h


Learning integration session #1

Guided group discussion
Duration: 2h


Decision Method: "Practice" #2

Team ideation process
Duration: 3h to 4h


Deepening principles: "Affinity"

6 eye-opening principles
Duration: 3h to 4h


Decision Method: "Practice" #3

Team ideation process
Duration: 3h to 4h


Learning integration session #2

Guided group discussion
Duration: 2h


Decision Method: "Practice" #4

Team ideation process
Duration: 3h to 4h

Let us help you reach the next level.

Team ideation training: Awards

Typical Schedule

Even though the training schedule can definitely be customized to your context, here is an example of how it could be implemented.

Team ideation training: Text

Week #1

1  Full-Day Training

AM - Basic Principles: "Alignment"
PM - Decision Method: "Practice" #1

Week #2

6h Training Session

AM - Learning Integration Session #1
PM - Decision Method: "Practice" #2

Week #3

Integration Week

No training.
We remain available for support calls.

Week #4

1  Full-Day Training

AM - Deepening Principles: "Affinity"
PM - Decision Method: "Practice" #3

Week #5

6h Training Session

AM - Deepening Principles: "Affinity"
PM - Decision Method: "Practice" #4

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After The Training

You are autonomous. You can come out of any meeting with the most creative and mobilizing ideas, while increasing affinity and motivation of everyone, as well as preserving harmony.

Is not it a game changer?

You master team ideation!

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Don't Miss Out

Let's get in touch!

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Member of Xn Quebec

The Digital Experiences Producers Association

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