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Our story: Welcome

Everthing Was Perfect...

Until it was not!

For more than 10 years, we have enjoyed delivering various experiences to users through digital. We have notably created websites and other digital products for some of the biggest brands of the entertainment industry like Disney, Marvel and Warner.

Throughout those years, we've learned what to do and not to do to successfully market a digital product, as well as to generate love and enthusiasm towards brands

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"Then, somewhere along the way, we both started to feel that we were going around in circles, that we were no longer developing, that something was missing."

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Same Same, But Different

From working with superheroes to wanting to become one!

We began to question ourselves. We started to search what we were really missing and realized that we needed to be more aligned with our values. We needed to feel that we had a more positive impact in the world.

So, we brainstormed together and came with the idea that we could start our own social or environmental business, but we still thought that the impact of a single business is often limited.

So, we wondered how to have an even bigger impact. Is there not a way to bring about more change? How can we contribute, through our expertise, to create the world in which we want to live?

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"It was by noticing the emerging movement of new companies engaged socially or environmentally that the answer came to us."

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Back To Feeling At The Right Place

In early 2020, we finally started UX for the Planet in order to make a living from our passion for design while using our expertise to support social and environmental entrepreneurs being successful with their digital products or services.

We found our way back to ourselves

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Wanna write a chapter with us?

Let's get in touch!

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Member of Xn Quebec

The Digital Experiences Producers Association

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