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Empathy Workshop

In no time, your clients won't have any more secrets for you or your employees... ever!

Normally 750$ CAD, now 10% off at 675$ CAD

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Who Is It For?

This workshop is designed for anybody that is involved in the product design and creation process, as well as those who are in contact with your clients or potential customers.

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More Details

Price for 5 participants or less 
+50$ per additional participant 
Lasts 2 hours

Have you ever felt like nobody in your team had the same opinion on what features you should prioritize in your digital product? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and could not decide on how to oriente your product design or sales pitch, it was not clear for you who you were creating the product for, how you should talk to your users and what they really wanted? Or maybe you've used some persona-determining framework just to find out that it did not give you much insight whatsoever on what you should do and you felt it was a waste of time... so much time!

We felt just like you before. And then, after we read many books and took many online trainings, as well as undertook multiple introspective and self-development trainings, we understood how humans worked and the real reasons that pushed them to act and buy things. 

It is when we realized why the classic methods felt wrong. Why they just seemed to hover over the surface without really touching what mattered.

Our world changed and we started to see it in very different and new way. We began to see our potential clients as what they really were: meaning creation machines.

Inspired by methods used in advanced police investigations, our Empathy Workshop really sheds light on the true deep desires of your potential customers in no time. At the end of the workshop, you'll understand the method so well that you will be able to use it for every potential client of every product you'll ever gonna create.

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How It Works

A human-oriented three step process

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First, we look at one of your customer's main pains and derive key identities they forged from them.


Then, we use this info to list their most important deep desires.


Finally, we brainstorm ideas of how you can help your clients with those deep desires with your product or service.

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After The Workshop

You have the power of empathy!

You are autonomous. You can keep delighting your users by using the formula over and over again with all your typical customers and for every of your products or services.

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Wanna taste?

Let's get in touch!

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Member of Xn Quebec

The Digital Experiences Producers Association

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