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#alldesigners Program

1 000$ CAD/person

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Who Is It For?

We've designed this program to make it easier for any "non-designer" to design products or services by themselves and become confident and proficient in creating high quality customer experiences.

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More Details

- Min. 3 participants and no maximum (unlimited participants)
- You get more than 10 hours of coaching and training spread across 3 months
- Different configurations available on demand

As the various teams within companies create more and more outputs on their own (be that a slide deck, reference document or interactive user interface), the design approval process tend to get heavier and heavier, which creates a bottleneck effect (at the design team level) that reduces the speed at which companies are able to deliver outputs.

To avoid this, the solution implemented by more design-advanced companies is to get designers to create design systems and templates for almost every type of output, which does not really holds long. Don't get me wrong. These are great tools that should exist. However, these tasks soon find the bottom of their backlog at the expenses of higher priorities. In the end, the company's growth is slowed down due to a lowered perceived value (the effect of inconsistencies in the customer experience and less attractive outputs that makes the company look bad).  

"Let's hire more designers!", you say?

Well, let's face it. There will always be more ideas to bring to life, so keeping on hiring more designers won't cut it in the long run.

To best way to ensure smoothness in the design approval process as well as great customer experience, that put to front the hard work that's been done in the background (and increase the company's perceived value), is to get everyone to produce delightful outputs. 

In that purpose, we have designed the #alldesigners program as a three-fold opportunity. 

First, it is a growth opportunity for the participants to integrate the design thinking mindset and get better at creating awesome outputs. It is also a way for the design team to learn from your day to day challenges and improve their knowledge as well as the tools they provide to you. Finally, it is an opportunity for your team to get coaching from professional designers and improve specific outputs of your choice.

In other words, this program makes your company and everyone involved win on all fronts.

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How It Works

The program is composed of two main building blocks:

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Creation improvement script

You can follow the script to create and improve what you design (your outputs or creations).


Coaching sessions

We pick the most important challenges you face and coach you on how to leverage the Creation improvement script to elevate your design game.

#alldesigners program: Awards
#alldesigners program: Awards

After the program

Your team members have increased autonomy and confidence to make good design decisions

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Let's pimp your creations!

Get in touch now!

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Member of Xn Quebec

The Digital Experiences Producers Association

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